New Album

Otro Cielo

João Pedro Brandão – Flute and Alto sax

Jose Pedro Coelho – Tenor sax and bass clarinet

João Grilo – Piano

Demian Cabaud – Double bass

Marcos Cavaleiro – Drums

“Demian’s music is a flying entity and the band is a breathing organism capable of transforming the atmospheres of reality. The sounds in this album are somehow rooted in reflections of his native country Argentina and his present home Portugal. Using elements of different modern forms of expression through improvisation Demian and his group manage to take you as a first class passenger in this exploratory odyssey.

Fasten your sit belts and get ready to go to unimaginable places with the sound of this ensemble.
 “Otro Cielo” exhibits a new and fresh set of possibilities for music for quintet.”

Leo Genovese